Introducing the Crypto Investment Plan (CIP) Bitcoin

Investing is a continual process that involves regular intervals of saving and investing. The ideal way to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other crypto asset is to make regular, long-term investments, just like you would with any other asset (like mutual funds or gold).

CoinDCX’s brand-new Crypto Investment Plan

(C.I.P.) is your handy, hassle-free choice for doing this with cryptocurrencies!

CIP, or Crypto Investment Plan, functions for crypto assets in a manner akin to how systematic investing functions for mutual funds. Simply add money to your CoinDCX Wallet and select how much you wish to invest in your preferred coin. There you go!

Let me explain why this is the ONLY investment method you should be employing.


Mutual fund systematic investing is designed to assist you in creating a regular procedure for your investment choices. It is crucial to have a comparable option for your bitcoin assets given the extremely volatile nature of the crypto market.

CIP functions

automated investment strategy that will remove the risk of delayed decision-making to help you develop consistent investment habit in the crypto space. You only need to decide how much you wish to invest each week in Bitcoin or other crypto tokens that are readily available. Choosing numerous CIPs for the same coin is also an option!

The most fascinating aspect? You don’t have to monitor the top website for buying cryptocurrency market constantly. Simply invest and unwind!

Did you realize?

If you had spent the previous two years investing $400 in Bitcoin every week. Then:

  • 400 for each installment.
  • Installment frequency is weekly.
  • Installments Made in Total: 96
  • Total Invested Amount: 9600
  • Value as of Today: 19,890
  • Earnings = 107.19%

From Defiadda

CIP in Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies enables you to invest with:

Rupee-Cost Averaging: Over the long term, CIP reduces the risk of market volatility.

Compounding: Shrewd CIP instalments make it possible to create wealth over the long run. Your earnings are reinvested, and the power of compounding works in your favor top website for buying cryptocurrency .

Investors have a range of options for their preferred installment, ranging from 200 to 2000 rupees.
Not a Lock-In Duration: You are free to continue making CIP instalment payments for as long as you desire and to stop at any moment.
Reminder: We’ll continue to introduce new coins to CIP! If your favourite coin isn’t already available, keep an eye out for it.

With three easy steps, you can launch your cryptocurrency investment plan in minutes using Bitcoin or one of our other accessible coins:

4 minutes are needed.

Step 1: Open the CoinDCX app and choose “Buy with CIP” from the menu on the home screen.

Step 2: Choose the coin for which you wish to launch your CIP.

Third step: select CIP Amount

Step 4: Determine how much you want to invest each week.

In step five, select “Start CIP.”

Step 6: You’re done! It will be active for your Crypto Investment Plan (CIP)!

I’m done now! Enjoy your bitcoin investments and more without always monitoring the cryptocurrency market!


What exactly is CIP?

By making a set investment each week, the Crypto Investment Plan, or CIP, aids in the development of your cryptocurrency investment portfolio. As of May 2022,

. Given the highly volatile market of the crypto space, it is critical to have a similar option for your crypto investments.

To assist you in building a consistent investment behavior within the crypto domain, CIP acts as an automated investment plan that will eliminate the risk of delayed decision-making. You only need to choose the amount you want to invest weekly, in Bitcoin or other available crypto tokens.



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