Pocket coil mattress, one of the best gifts to surprise your loved one

One of the best gifts you can give to a friend or family is a pocket coil mattress. Whether he/she is newly married or moving into a new place or none of the above, a pocket coil mattress is a great gift anytime any day. Apart from the unique qualities that make it desirable in every home, its durability is also worthy of note

If you’ve decided to gift someone a pocket coil mattress in Canada, it is only ideal that you know the types of pocket mattresses available and their unique qualities.

There are two types of pocket coil mattresses and they are

  1. Innerspring pocket coil mattresses

  2. Hybrid pocket coil mattresses

Innerspring pocket coil mattresses

This type of pocket coil mattress is made up of a support and comfort layer. While the support layer contains the coils, the comfort layer contains the soft part of the bed which can be made from different kinds of materials like cotton, wool, foam and so many more.

Support layer: the support layer of innerspring pocket coil mattresses can be described as the backbone of the mattress. it is made up of a core of coils which can be found in the fabric or foam sleeves of the mattress. Unlike an open coil mattress, all of its coils are independent to further improve its efficiency

Comfort Layer: Just like the name implies the comfort layer of the bed is the one in contact directly with your body. Apart from cradling the body and offering comfort to the pressure points of the body, the comfort layer protects you from the opposite pressure that might be exerted by the springs. The comfort layer can be made from a wide range of materials like cotton, foam and so on

In addition, some innerspring best pocket coil mattresses in Canada also contain pillow tops which help to add an extra layer of cushion.

Hybrid Innerspring pocket coil mattresses

Hybrid innerspring pocket coil mattresses are made up of three layers; The comfort layer, divided into two parts; one made with low-density materials and the other with high-density materials, and the support layer.

Comfort layer

  • Low-density materials layer: For the hybrid innerspring pocket coil mattresses, this part of the comfort layer is always made with foam. It could be memory foam, gel foam, latex foam or any other type of foam. This layer is quite soft and is responsible for the cushioning of the body. However, the type of foam used can make a lot of differences.

The memory foam serves as a great cushion but it retains a lot of body heat. The latex foam is more breathable but doesn’t have the cushion effects of the memory foam.

  • High-density materials layer: This layer is also referred to as the transition layer. Although not all hybrid pocket coil mattress in Canada, this layer is also worthy of note. Unlike the low-density layer, the high-density materials layer is made up of firmer materials designed to lessen the pressure from the coils and distribute body weight.

Support Layer

Just like the Innerspring pocket coil mattresses, hybrid pocket coil mattresses in Canada also contain a support layer made with barrel-shaped coils which can be found in the fabric or foam. It projects the strength of the bed, and keeps your body aligned and your spine straight. It is the foundation for the hybrid pocket coil mattress.

Differences between Innerspring pocket coil mattress and hybrid pocket coil mattress

Innerspring pocket coil mattress

Hybrid pocket coil mattress

It has just two layers

It has three layers

The entirety of the comfort layer can be made with a variety of materials

The low-density part of the comfort layer is made with only foam

They are can be lighter than hybrids

The bulky comfort layer makes it heavier

It offers lesser cushion

It offers a greater cushion


Whether you are getting an innerspring pocket coil mattress or a hybrid pocket coil mattress, a pocket coil mattress is a great gift anyone would appreciate. If you’d like to place an order for the best pocket coil mattress in Canada, the internet is home to a lot of great mattress stores.

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