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Getting started with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Social selling has transformed the sales landscape, making it easier than ever to connect with prospects and discover leads organically. LinkedIn, the standard social platform for professional networking and relationships, has long been a popular and effective place to find and “nurture” leads. Now, LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives businesses even more power to discover leads and effectively manage their sales pipelines. Here’s everything you need to know about LinkedIn Sales Navigator to determine if it’s right for your business.


LinkedIn says, “Sales Navigator offers a powerful set of search features, improved visibility over wide area networks, and custom algorithms to help you reach the right decision maker. It is described as the best version of LinkedIn for sales professionals. It allows sales teams to interact with prospects directly within the LinkedIn platform. Put simply, Sales Navigator is a social selling platform that provides an array of features to help you find the right prospects to build trusting relationships.

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can reach the right kind of leads using the search and filter features. Sales Navigator also provides actionable insights that can pave the way for a deeper understanding of prospects and leads. This way, you can interact with your prospects by offering them personalized content.



LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the best prospecting tool on the market. Start with sales preferences to refine your parameters, then dive into advanced filters for a hyper-focused approach.

Sales preferences

Visit the settings page on your Sales Navigator profile and you will see the sales preferences in the middle of the page. Here you can narrow down your ideal customer profile based on the geography, industry, company size, and function you want to target. These preferences will display every time you visit a prospect’s profile, and LinkedIn will display lead recommendations based on criteria you set.

CRM integrations

Sales Navigator integrates with several popular sales and CRM applications, including:

  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • G2
  • Drift
  • Outreach
  • Oracle Sales Cloud

Just import your Sales Navigator data into your favorite CRM and get to work! This makes it even easier to manage your sales pipeline and track your data from one place.

Targeted searches

Sales Navigator’s advanced search capability enables sales reps to more narrowly target their ideal prospects and discover relevant connections. Sales reps can choose from a variety of filters for people and / or businesses, including:

  • Keywords
  • Geographical location
  • The profession
  • Company name
  • The size of the company
  • Type of business (e.g. public, private, not-for-profit)
  • Number of years of experience
  • Industry
  • The number of subscribers

These search filters save sales reps time by helping them target the most relevant connections.

Churchill’s handy tip  : Use the “Save Search” button on the left side of the results page. This will help you revisit your search later by having the option to edit some search criteria and save them as a separate search.

There are also many useful tools on a prospect’s page. You can use the “Add Tag” feature to take advantage of tags to better organize your saved accounts and leads, grouping them in whatever way works best for you. The “Add notes” option allows you to store relevant information on actions already performed on your prospects’ pages.

Automated lead generation

The Lead Recommendations feature suggests relevant leads based on your sales preferences. It takes into account your search history, profile views, and past saved leads. This is a great feature because it saves sales reps one step in the sales process. It helps them fill their pipeline faster with relevant connections.

Powerful sales information

The power of Sales Navigator is that the more you use it, the more data it can use to deliver high-value information. When you search and save leads, Sales Navigator will keep you informed of their various updates such as:

  • Job changes
  • News relating to the company
  • Relevant connections and hot leads

Access to off-grid connections

One of the main benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the ability to extend your sales reach outside of your direct network. Normally, you only see a small part of the profiles outside your network. Sales Navigator allows members to “unlock” this information (up to 25 profiles per month). This will help you better understand your prospects and build more meaningful connections.

Engaging content

LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives users access to PointDrive presentations, which they can use to create engaging and interactive sales content. This is beneficial for both parties: indeed, sales reps can present their target consumers with beautiful presentations, while buyers can see what businesses have to offer them without downloading any content. On top of that, the tool allows sales reps to track who viewed their content so they can decide whether or not to contact them.

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