Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin Hair Treatment: Care, Advantages And Disadvantages

What Is Keratin Hair Treatment?

Keratin is a group composed of structural fibrous proteins and the main structural component that forms hair nails, hair, and the exterior layer of your skin. Keratin helps hair grow strong and shiny; however, the protein is less effective when curly or rough hair and results in frizz and dryness. the treatment for Keratin costs in Hyderabad.

Keratin treatments are simply a chemical procedure that involves salon professionals coating hair strands with protein to give them a glossy and smooth. There are a variety of kinds of treatment with keratin at a fundamental basis, they all involve dipping into the hair follicles in order to inject the porous regions with keratin in order to ensure that hair is healthier.

Incredibly, keratin isn’t capable of reducing frizz; the job is left to the formaldehyde component in the formula to achieve. The chemical acts by binding the chains of keratin into straight lines which leaves hair straight. After the product has been applied to hair be sure to avoid the scalp area the hair is dried blow-dry and flat-ironed.

The results of a keratin hair treatment will last up to six months , and professionals can tailor the blends of formulas to meet your hair styleand demands. The procedure itself could be anywhere between two and four hours, based on the length and thickness of your hair as well as the texture of your hair and the formula for treatment employed.


What Are The Different Types Of Keratin Hair Treatments?

There are a variety of varieties of Keratin hair treatments on the market, some of which contain more formaldehyde than the others, and others that are lesser harmful alternatives. Formaldehyde’s use is of concern since it’s carcinogen. Although the amount of formaldehyde released by Keratin treatments is lower, it’s best to select treatments without formaldehyde. such as permanent hair straightening in Hyderabad.

Modern keratin treatments are not made of formaldehyde, and utilize Glyoxylic acid in place of. Although it’s the safer alternative in terms of safety and effectiveness for treatment of hairformaldehyde-free keratin treatments aren’t very effective and do not provide long-lasting effects.


It is important to note that certain keratin treatments can make hair straighter. Some treatments make your hair look straight while other treatments only remove frizz. Discuss the details with your stylist and select the best treatment for the type of hair you have and your styling requirements. Here are a few varieties of treatments for keratin:

  • Brazilian blowout

One of the first treatment methods for keratin to be created This one was developed in Brazil in 2005. The Brazilian blowout can be expensive, but is worth it since it reduces frizz and smooths the haircuticle by covering the hair strands with the form of a protein-based layer. The results of the treatment can last up to 3 months.

  • Cezanne

This is the most natural and formaldehyde-conscious keratin hair treatment. Cezanne is ideal for those who have fine hair because it doesn’t just reduce frizz but also nourish damaged hair. If you are blessed with hair that is colored it is best to avoid this since it may cause damage to blonde tones. It is possible to follow up a Cezanne treatment with a color appointment however!

  • Trisolla and Trisolla Plus

They are the most effective of all Keratin hair treatments and are the easiest to apply. They are great for those with thick hair as well as damaged or damaged hair. The texture of curls is softened based on the frequency at which each hair has been straight-ironed. The process doesn’t change the hair’s colour, it makes hair manageable and can last well in humid and hot conditions.

  • Keratin express

This is a quick procedure that includes applying keratin onto hair in a serum form. hair in a serum form, then sealing it with blow-dryer or flat iron. This is a great option for females who have curly or wavy hair, who want for a way to keep their hair manageable. The effects last for up to six weeks.

  • Japzilian keratin

Combining Brazilian Keratin treatment along with Japanese Straightening of hair procedure The Japzilian provides more long-lasting results than other treatments, which is five years longer than the Brazilian blow-out! Curls first loosen with the Brazilian treatment, then followed by use of the Japanese treatment that seals the cuticle, and locks out frizz. Japanese straightening perms are combing through hair and coarse strands are covered twice. Hair is washed after an hour, and then dried again to create sleek hair that completely straightens after drying.


How Can I Care For My Hair After A Keratin Hair Treatment?

To ensure that Keratin’s treatment run more Follow the steps below:

  • The moisture and water in the air could cause the hair’s strands shed some proteins that they need to treat. This will not only make hair porous and more prone to frizz, but can it can also leave marks in hair. Do not wash your hair for at least 3 days following the treatment. Say no to swimming and vigorous physical exercise as well since you do not want to sweat.
  • Keep your hair in a low ponytail as straight and backwards for the initial few days following the treatment, or as long as you are able to. Because Keratin is malleable in the beginning and hair is not rigid, placing it up in a ponytail , braiding it may cause scratches. After three days, you can use hair ties that are soft to secure your hair. Be careful not to tie your hair in for long periods of time.
  • Make sure you sleep on a silk mattress or pillowcase because cotton and other fabrics can cause friction when you sleep, causing frizz, making your Keratin treatment ineffective.
  • Make sure that your hair care products do not contain strong detergents such as sodium lauryl sulphate and sodium lauryl Sulphate. They strip your hair’s oil and keratin. This causes the treatment to fade earlier than you expected.
  • Flat irons and blow dryers are the best tools you can make use of for keep your hair silky and straight after receiving Keratin treatment for hair. Because the weight of keratin will keep your hair perfectly, you don’t have to apply the products for styling your hairlike gels, hair sprays or mousses, or root-lifting spraysand so on.
  • Reapply within three to five months when the keratin treatment begins take effect.

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