Get the Best Concrete Scanning services in Arizona

As a contractor who is planning to work on a pre-existing structure, you must know what you are dealing with. On every preexisting structure, it is normal to find embedded pipes, circuits and so many more. While trying to fix the structure or further improve it, it is important to take great care to keep other things unaffected. This is where a GPR- Ground penetrating Radar scan comes in

A GPR scan allows you to detect and locate embedded utilities before you cut, drill or work on the concrete. Some of the things a GPR scan would detect include

  1. Gas pipes

  2. Electricity connections

  3. Leak detection

  4. Steel reinforcements

  5. PVC conduits and so many more

With the best concrete scanning services in Arizona, you can safely avoid these things when you work.

Concrete surfaces where you can do a Concrete Scan using GPR

GPR Concrete scanning services in Arizona can be used on a wide range of surfaces. Some of them include

  1. Walls

  2. Floors

  3. Sidewalks

  4. Tunnels

  5. Roadways

  6. Decks and many more.

Factors that may affect the result of a Concrete scan using GPR

Although Concrete Scanning using GPR is an effective process, here are some factors that may affect its results

  1. Slab thickness

  2. The original mix of Concrete

  3. External interference

  4. Steel content and many more

Are you thinking that this might be a setback? Then you got it wrong. Before a concrete scan using GPR, a preliminary observation is done to know everything about the surface and also develop a system suitable for the scan. With the right scanning equipment, these factors would not be a problem.

Situations where Concrete scanning using GPR can be used

  • Underground utility locating

Are you planning to fix the concrete on your floors? Then you’ll need the best concrete scanning services in Arizona. With the GPR scan they offer, you can locate the utilities underground and avoid damaging them while you work

  • Subsurface utility engineering

Subsurface utility engineering involves the mechanical, electrical and civil engineering work that is done below the surface of a structure. When there’s a problem with these, it is important to make use of concrete scanning services in Arizona. With these services, you can detect the utility in question and avoid damaging other utilities.

  • Utility mapping

A GPR scan allows you to generate a mapping of the utility below your structure. Before further construction, you must do a utility mapping to ensure that everything is done right and without lurking future consequences. Also, with utility mapping, you can make changes to your structure without doing a GPR scan all over again.

Other real-life situations where Concrete Scanning using GPR can be used include pipe inspections, safety hazard recognition and marking, and many more


Concrete Scanning using GPR saves you a lot of trouble and money. However, you must contact the right professionals to schedule a scan. With the best concrete scanning services in Arizona, you are sure to get the best scan for your structure.