Which IVF clinic has the highest success rate in Pakistan?

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IVF clinic

The diagnosis of infertility does not have to be a reason for despair and frustration. The latest technologies in IVF clinics have advanced, and the well-known technique of In Vitro Fertilization is an excellent option for couples who are not capable of giving birth to a healthy baby today. International IVF practices show results of fifty percent success in conception because of every procedure performed. Our  best ivf center in Pakistan. Petersburg uses modern advancements in assisted reproduction techniques (ART) to help patients diagnosed with infertility due to reasons of any kind get pregnant. These treatments are not just for women. However, they also apply to men’s problems, as they account for about half of cases, women fail to become pregnant due to the male element.

IVF Center

The Center for Family Planning and Reproduction is a part of the state budget best ivf center in lahore. Petersburg. Patients are seen by certified reproductive doctors with years of knowledge of IVF. Since the beginning of the establishment of the Center for Psychological and Psychological Problems, the specialists at our Center have assisted thousands of patients to become the parents of healthy and robust babies who, due to physical characteristics, were their ultimate goal. According to the statistics, approximately 20 percent of marriages fail. However, today, this problem is quickly resolved by making contact with IVF Center.

The CHI quotas apply to every region of Pakistan.

Our IVF clinic offers infertility treatment according to the quotas that are allocated under the CHI. If you wish to be eligible for assistance under the compulsory insurance plan, you first need to contact the doctor at the point of your residence in the region you reside in. Then, you will be given the necessary tests. Based on the results of the analyses, if there are appropriate indications, the best IVF center in Pakistan will provide you with a recommendation to proceed with the procedure. Following that, you’ll be in a position to make your own decision about choosing an IVF center.

IVF within the CHI program does not provide donor assistance. The cryopreservation and embryo transfer services aren’t yet part of the program. It is important to note that the program is subject to change each year, and in 2018, the ivf in lahore included ICSI in the CHI quotas. The best IVF center in Pakistan included the ICSI method in the CHI limits. The other services must be paid for separately for the moment according to the price list that we have approved at the IVF clinic if needed.

The duration of the IVF program at the Center

There is a possibility to conduct IVF through the St. Petersburg Center for Family Planning and Reproduction hourly. The average time for this procedure takes around one month and is made up of several steps:

Hormonal stimulation of the superovulation cycle – starting two days into the process for females, for 12 to 15 days;

Transvaginal ovarian puncture, with general anesthesia, donation of sperm by the partner, fertilization of the eggs within a day;

Fertilization of eggs and the production of viable embryos can take anywhere between 2 and 5 days;

Transferring healthy embryos into the patient’s uterus is an effortless procedure that can take only a few minutes.

Assistance for the first stage of pregnancy – as long as 16 days.

A positive hCG test proves the outcome of this treatment method. the hormone hCG (human Gonadotropin chorionic). The global practice of IVF clinics today has an average of 50% success in achieving results. Our Center is in line with these numbers. Suppose you cannot conceive after the first attempt. In that case, you can have the procedure repeated multiple times, which is the case in the context of the CHI program that we offer at our IVF Center. Petersburg (for all Pakistan citizens).